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Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens and bathrooms are arguably two of your home’s most trafficked spaces. As a result, it pays off substantially to have them remodeled every few years or so. We specialize in remodels both minuscule and massive depending on your home’s current needs. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to change up the ambiance of a kitchen given the fact that they’re mainly comprised of cabinetry. Our kitchen remodels will revolutionize your space bringing a merging of sophistication, comfort, and functionality to your most important room.

Bath Remodeling

As for the bathroom, we offer a substantial amount of options ranging from vanity installation to bathroom and shower conversion. Whether you’re looking to enact a quick change, or seriously invest in a major renovation, we have solutions both grand and affordable to make your dreams a reality.

Home Additions

Upgrading your home can be a stressful process when you’re not working a patient and knowledgeable contractor. Danny, the Founder & CEO of DT Building, treats your home like it’s his own. He keeps your needs and comfort top priority from start to finish. Be rest assured your home addition will be built with quality craftmanship and top-notch materials.

Flooring Service

Flooring plays a paramount role in your home, as it often has dual functions in both a visual and pragmatic sense. Flooring can both manipulate the atmosphere of your house and change the functionality of your rooms. At DT Building we provide comprehensive flooring services. Our contractors can help you determine which floor makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. Perhaps you seek something attractive but water-resistant. Or maybe you’re finally ready to bite the bullet and invest in hardwood. Whatever the case may be, our experts can complete every portion of the job from installation to disposal, featuring just about any material imaginable. If you’re not sure which finish makes the most sense for you, we’re here to help by providing you all the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

carpantry service

Carpentry Service

Presently, it’s become increasingly rare to see general carpentry services offered. For that particular reason, DTB is proud to offer a range of different carpentry services designed to deal with the small (and sometimes major) life breaks that make up day-to-day life. As far as carpentry is concerned, it seeks to target those jobs that require the shaping, crafting, and installation of building materials. If you’re looking to undergo a project that requires any sort of internal construction, we can help you achieve those outcomes. Our carpentry services are also available for those established projects that are suffering from breakage or damage. Whether you want us at the helm of a new project, or simply need reputable repairs quickly, we’re here to help.

Handyman Service

Sometimes all you really need is a handyman to come in and execute a few base services. Our handymen are perfect for those small and medium fixes that don’t require a lot of extra frills to complete. In an era where many of these services can probably be executed themselves, it still pays to have a professional come in and make everything look immaculate. Our handymen can assist with a multitude of repairs, installations, upgrades, and removals. If you’re not sure where your specific request falls into our services, there’s a good chance our handymen will still be able to get something done. If you have any questions regarding what constitutes a handyman service, we encourage you to contact us for more information. There’s a good chance your request will fall into our scope of capabilities.

Deck Service

Decks and porches are interesting considering they typically fall into one of two categories. Well-maintained and cared for decks and porches make wonderful additions to your home and serve as yet another place to congregate with your loved ones. However, these same assets can suddenly morph into a liability if they’re left to their own devices for too long. As with most of our offerings, you can count on us for repairs when the latter occurs. Moreover, we can provide affordable maintenance that keeps your surfaces looking fresh and desirable year after year, battling unavoidable wear and tear. It’s both affordable and effective to invest in our maintenance services. Even so, we offer fair pricing on repairs and restoration. With DTB at the helm, we’ll have your surfaces looking brand new, so that you can get back to enjoying them with contentment.