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As Virginia’s capital city DT is proud to provide a high caliber level of service to those living in Virginia’s epicenter. With a population of over 200,000, the city is home to a wide variety of homeowners each with their own unique visions and imaginings considering their home. Luckily given the area’s unique architecture, and plenty of room for renovations and new builds, we at DT are master-class at bringing homeowners the renovations of their dreams. We want to provide you with the type of work that leaves you excited every time you walk through the door. Anything less is not up to standard with our level of service. As your trusted handyman Richmond VA residents can enlist our help for a litany of services. We specialize in all kinds of work from quick fixes to major projects.

Our wide scope of capabilities enables us to be the right choice for any homeowner looking for high-quality work. Moreover, our clients can feel vindicated working with an option that is completely local. As a locally owned and operated Virginia-based business, we know what it takes to keep the locals happy, by providing ethical work at a price point you can feel good about. We service homeowners all over the state, meaning that if you live in Richmond, you by default fall into our boundary. With punctuality and efficiency, we travel across Virginia bringing a level of excellence unfounded in any other handyman service.

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    Why Choose a DT Carpenter Richmond VA

    As a thriving urban core of Virginia, there are plenty of options for handymen and contractors. By virtue, Richmond is home to other competent handymen services. Nevertheless, we at DT feel confident in our abilities, and find that there’s very little Richmond locals cannot enlist us for. With an unmatched passion and proclivity for what we do, we offer Richmond homeowners a true master-class experience in contracting work. We employ exceptional kitchen remodelers Richmond VA heavily endorses. Here are some of the reasons why we encourage you to try DT for your next general contracting project.

    Full Service

    Certain handymen services may focus strictly on small fixes and tweaks. For example, a lot of handymen have general knowledge of a lot of different disciplines. At DT, we’ve paired traditional handymen work with contractors who also have specialized focus. We can fix any number of household ailments in a swift and effective manner. At the same time, we can also oversee major renovation and restoration projects. When choosing our team of experts, we make conscious decisions to create a team that represents different specialties and highlighted skillsets. As a result, we consider ourselves one of the most competent and accomplished construction companies in Richmond VA.

    Full Scope

    Many construction companies specialize in a certain sector. For instance, you may find a company that strictly focuses on new build, or a provider that specializes in renovations and restorations. At DT Building, we’ve created the most accomplished home remodeling Richmond VA team by specifically employing experts who specialize in all of these realms. Part of what makes DT unique is our ability to match a project with the right person to ensure you get the results that you want. We can easily renovate some of Richmond’s historic and vintage homes while keeping the bones and the structural integrity perfectly intact. On the contrary, we can implement cutting-edge techniques on new builds. Regardless of the task at hand, DT builders can accommodate your needs.

    Fair Pricing

    With lots of options to choose from, you’ll invariably run across contractors from all across the spectrum. Certain contractors will have wildly expensive rates but claim they are unmatched in their skillset. Meanwhile, other contractors will offer exceptionally cheap rates but typically they’ve cut corners in some regard to making such a promise viable. From siding restoration to kitchen remodeling Richmond VA clients will find we offer competitive pricing and exemplary service. We’ve made it a priority to price accordingly while also considering that contractors should be accessible.

    While cheap labor can certainly be alluring, it’s inherently risky to go with a contractor who requires you to pay next to nothing. If they’re not being properly compensated, one can only guess where they’re not reallocating funds into (equipment, tools, materials). Our carpenter Richmond VA crew is purposely situated in the middle ground, bringing you fair but competitive pricing and exceptional service.


    Here’s a scenario we’re certain you may have been in before. You’ve hired a professional to come and work on a job. Perhaps you’ve finally decided to kickstart that kitchen remodel Richmond VA project. Nevertheless, you instantly feel as if you have no voice in your own home, and that your needs and preferences are not being validated. At DT Building, we use our expertise to help bring your ideas to life, not diminish them.

    Where other companies see roadblocks, we see solutions and strategies. As your general contractor, our goal is to advise you honestly but never shy away from what is possible. We never back away from a challenge, and we’re here to bring your ideas to life. Customize your project to your liking, we’ll do the heavy legwork for you.

    Regional Expertise

    There are a lot of reasons why choosing a local carpenter company Richmond VA provider makes sense. First and foremost, we’ve built our career on working in Richmond, understanding city ordinances, laws, and regulations. It might seem matter-of-fact or relatively simple, however, you’d be surprised how easy it is to run into basic roadblocks without the proper knowledge. It is especially pertinent on new builds to understand what you can and cannot do as per Richmond protocol.

    These ordinances will likely differ in different suburbs and surrounding cities. With a knowledge that can only be acquired after time and experience, we know how to protect you from infringing on any ordinances. We’ll ensure your home renovation Richmond VA project is covered logistically for your safety and satisfaction.

    Services at a Glance- Featuring New Builds and Remodeling Richmond VA

    New Builds

    New construction is an exciting fete but can definitely cause stress with logistics. At DT Building, we offer our carpenter and contractor services for new builds. We specialize in all kinds of different disciplines, installing and applying all kinds of different new housing needs. From working on walls to laying down flooring, we’ll bring your home to life and customize it to your exact liking. We’ll cover nearly any component of the new build process, working alongside you to configure the house of your dreams. We’ll have your home looking immaculate from adding those finishing painting touches to polishing off hardwood flooring refinishing Richmond VA homebuilders need to look no further.


    Richmond Virginia is home to some of the United State’s most eclectic (and historic!) buildings. Many homes come with a built-in history, beckoning trends of yesteryear, and plenty of beautiful aesthetics. We’ll execute a kitchen remodeling Richmond VA project to your liking, whether that looks like a full modernization or a restoration that keeps the bones of your home intact. With our new remodels, we can add in new appliances, ensure their proper setup and installation, and provide all kinds of upgrades from counters to backsplashes flooring and sinks. Whereas our restorations focus on keeping the best of the established work and modernizing it for current-day functionality. Nevertheless, we know how to cater to your needs and execute the job to your liking.


    We all know a kitchen remodel Richmond VA project can seriously alter the appeal of your home and add property value. However, exterior repairs and renovations can ascend the value of your home and add curb appeal. If you ever choose to sell your home, curb appeal can add easy value, especially from relatively simple changes. DT Building Contracts can give a major facelift to your property through various fixes. Amongst other services, we can provide siding fixes and repair, painting and finishing, deck work and staining, and installations. When it comes to your exterior, the only limitation is your creativity.


    While we specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, we can service any room of your home. Our kitchen remodels Richmond VA portfolio is revered, and we’ve provided numerous homeowners with satisfactory work that caters to their utilitarian needs and aesthetic preferences all at once. We’ll restore and refurbish basements, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, you name it.

    • Kitchen renovations Richmond VA

      Our exemplary kitchen renovations take your outdated space and refine it expertly. Whether you beckon something simple and modern or prefer a rustic charm, we’ll bring you renovations that comb over every square inch of your home. If it relates to the kitchen it falls into our repertoire, however, popular services include cabinetry work, appliance installation, lighting, hardware, flooring, sink installation, and much more. When it comes to your kitchen renovation Richmond VA project, we’re happy to provide you with any level of involvement. We attach the same level of care and fervor to every job we undertake whether it requires small or significant changes. Our attention to detail ensures you walk away with a project that is completely your own and compliments your stylistic choices impeccably. We’ll work with you at every juncture to bring your visions to life.

    • Bathroom Remodel Richmond VA

      A bathroom remodel has the ability to significantly alter your space and breathe fresh life into one of your home’s most frequented rooms. We specialize in all kinds of bathroom work be it in your half, quarter, or master bathroom. We can assist you with a myriad of different services including but not limited to, tub and shower conversions, vanity installations, lighting work, backsplashes, countertops, refinishing, and tiling. We’ll take your outdated bathroom and render it equal parts aesthetically pleasing and functional. With a litany of different materials, you’ll soon become enamored with choice and execution.

    • General Renovations

      Our general handyman services Richmond VA are ideal for any room of your home. We’ll bring style and optimization to any space of your choosing.

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    Nick Hazelett
    Nick Hazelett
    Amazing work and the best pricing. We had a pipe burst that destroyed our living room. Danny came in and not only fixed... the damage, but made the made the room better than before. Turned our stressed out situation into an upgrade.Really detail-oriented and a perfectionist. You can’t beat the pricing either. I’ll give a call for literally any future work I need doneread more
    Brady Helmkamp
    Brady Helmkamp
    Danny did an awesome job remodeling our bathroom! He also did a great job patching the ceiling in our living room... where the electrician got a little happy with the saw! HIGHLY recommend Danny to anybody who asks. Feel free to message me for pictures!read more
    Eric Ehler
    Eric Ehler
    Amazing work. Highly recommend.
    D Merairi Salgado
    D Merairi Salgado
    If you need a professional work around you home, business or your Airbnb this is the company you need Excellent... services with fair price.. recommend 100%read more
    Jeffrey M. Jordan II
    Jeffrey M. Jordan II
    I highly recommend DT Building for anyone in the state of Virginia! He came in and did the kitchen floors of our house... in a timely manner and fashion. The final product was amazing and much needed for the remodeling that we needed. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and the pricing is reasonable for the final product and the work that goes into it. 10/10!!!read more
    Shelley Saville
    Shelley Saville
    Wide range of knowledge and capability. He handled the necessary repairs to my house in order to complete the sale of... it, including electrical, wiring, roofing, deck, siding, and light metal fabrication. He was able to stay within promised and needed timeline and budget. Left no mess or debris behind.read more
    Carol Darden
    Carol Darden
    Highly recommend Danny for your home renovation needs. He fixed a sagging deck and soft spot in subfloor with some... rotting floor joist. Very polite, great communication and fair price. Very meticulous cleaning up behind himself. Will definitely be using him again.read more
    Kaitlyn Gordon
    Kaitlyn Gordon
    DT Building does beautiful work and is always professional and polite. I 10/10 recommend DT Building to anyone looking... to have some home improvement projects done!read more
    Ben Savedge
    Ben Savedge
    Does excellent work at a great price!! Take pride in everything he does!
    Parvel Auguste
    Parvel Auguste
    Danny did some great work for us at one of our rental properties in Portsmouth. He did a lot of trim work, laid down... some tile as well as a prehung door. I had reached out to him last minute hoping we could get things wrapped up for some tenants I had moving in on the first and he was able to pull through. A lot of long nights and he got it knocked out with 3 days to spare. Definitely recommend DT for any renovation needs!read more
    Jessica Moore Carwile
    Jessica Moore Carwile
    Danny did a great job on my small ceiling project. I had the run around with a few contractors, one who left a hole in... my bathroom ceiling and a mess in the floor. Danny came in, gave me a reasonable price and fixed it right away, plus he was clean and courteous. Great guy and awesome work!read more
    James Green
    James Green
    When I decided to have new flooring installed at my home I contacted several contractors to get estimates. One of those... contractors is DT Building LLC. When Mr. Thomas came to my home I noticed immediately how professional and knowledgeable he was about flooring installation. That is what made me decide to have him install the new flooring in my home. I watched him as he worked. He is very meticulous and works hard but also smart. Little did I know how much more he is able to do. Mr. Thomas installed Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVF) throughout my entire first floor which was a major project. He also installed large slab Porcelain Tile in my foyer, applied drywall in my kitchen and dining room walls and designed and built a support over my fireplace to mount a 75” QLED TV. Whatever job I asked him to do, he was more than capable to do. I am extremely pleased with his work, professionalism, and craftsmanship. I have several other jobs I need completed to include: kitchen backsplash, ceramic tile on the bathroom wall and a new roof on my Gazebo and I want him to do those jobs. If you have projects at your home that you want completed correctly, professionally on time and with precision, I recommend you contact DT Building LLC. You will be glad you did.read more
    Angie Lewis Drake
    Angie Lewis Drake
    I just love this guy! Big ole Teddy bear who does outstanding work! Always so courteous!
    Joe Drake
    Joe Drake
    I've used DT construction for several things over the years and I've always felt I got a great result ON TIME and at a... price that was great.read more
    Calvin Knight
    Calvin Knight
    DT Building does excellent work an I recommend him to take care of any of your building needs very knowledgeable &... passionate about his work super nice guy and easy to get along with his work is top notch & speaks for itself.read more
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